Potatomation, 2013
11 November 2018
2013 | Potatomation, Sydney Fringe Festival, Archive, Newtown, Sydney

In collaboration with Katya Petetskaya, Aaron Matheson, Karla Maria, Nicki Braithwaite, Anthony Loewenstein. A guerrilla broadcast responding to abuses committed against communities by multinational corporations. Inspired by facts from Jubilee’s Pipe Dreams report about ExxonMobil in Papua New Guinea. Together they explore the human capacity to ignore injustice while pursuing one’s own well being. It is a collaboration between a group of artists who explore social issues in a positive humorous way through diverse art forms. Inspired by facts from NGO Jubilee Australia on actions by ExxonMobil in PNG. Frank Furedi spoke eloquently for the role for former colonies such as African states, and in the case of this exhibition, in ‘freeing’ themselves from formal colonialism through a variety of responses to it in the context of imperialism. I am interested in the importance for us in ‘the North’ to gain insight into the political, historical and cultural workings of colonial and (post) imperial power and their impact in shaping the relations between coloniser and colonised.  My work here explores these inequitable power relationships, especially in its current manifestation––the corporate state.

Gianni Wise, “Specimen I”, (install view), 2016. Photo courtesy of the artist

Gianni Wise, “Specimen II”, (install view), 2016. Photo courtesy of the artist

Potatomation, (install view), 2016. Photo courtesy of Karla Maria