Vanishing point, 2001
7 October 2018

Gianni Wise, “Vanishing Point”, 2001 (large format digital print mounted on mount board). Image: the artist

2001 | Vanishing Point, BLAUGRAU, Sydney
21/03/2001 – 01/04/2001
Large format digital print mounted on mount board.
Ryszard Dabek (curator), Simone Douglas, Tony Dupe, Vanilla Neto, Anne Kay, Jane Polkinghorne, Gianni Wise
Grappling with some of the issues surrounding photography and landscape. Of particular interest for us is an exploration into the fascination much contemporary practice holds with the landscape and the role photography plays in this. Why do artists who often photograph nothing else return time and time again to the landscape? What lies beyond the utopian models of the romantic and the sublime? – desire, disappointment, detachment, nostalgia, recognition…

also The Secret of Grey Walls, Blaugrau Gallery, Sydney