7 October 2018

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Dr Gianni Wise currently lives and works in Sydney Australia. Gianni is an artist born in Australia, having exhibited internationally, including Chile, Argentina, Belgium, Switzerland, USA and Germany.
Much of Gianni’s recent work coalesces around ideas engaged with the visual politics of social paranoia, conspiracy theories, security and narratives of fear in contemporary digital cultures. His art practice encompasses a number of forms including photography, video, audio, found object, performance and installation.
He has written creative and philosophical texts for numerous art projects, as well as for academic and not-so-academic publications. His PhD dissertation allowed his attendance at the Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art  (SFSIA, 2015) at the European Graduate School(EGS), Switzerland, with the theme of art and the politics of estrangement. This permitted him to work and study under Armen Avanessian, Franco Berardi Bifo, Anselm Franke, Anke Hennig, Suzana Milevska, Warren Neidich, John Rajchman, Gerald Raunig, Dorothee Richter, and Hito Steyerl.
In 2006 he was included in the ‘50 Photographers of Tomorrow’exhibition at the Museum of Elysée, Switzerland. More recently he has been included in a number of survey exhibitions in contemporary arts. He has been a recipient of a major Australia Council award alongside numerous other international grants and art residencies.
He has curated and coordinated exhibitions Australia, Latin America and Belgium. This includes time as director and co-curator of FirstDraft, a national artist-led organisation in Sydney, Australia.

More recently, in 2019, he is in the process of developing a part performance and part installation production titled The Cook, at (The Substation,) in Singapore). In 2019 he is working on a collective work at Galerie Neues Problem. 2017-8 saw him invited to a survey of art artists throughout  Australia and New Zealand titled New Contemporaries, SCA Galleries. Other notable projects included a production for UNESCO’s Science Awards.  He is the process of developing a text and visualisation for a series of science at the intersection works in 2019.


2012-16 Doctor of Philosophy, (written research and artwork), Faculty of Social Sciences, (SCA) the University of Sydney (awarded May 2017). Thesis title: Paranoid Fixations: art and political discourses since 9/11. Available for full download online via the UNSYD Library database. Supervised by Ass Professor Michael Goldberg. Awarded May 2017
2004-06 Master of Fine Arts, University of NSW, UNSW Art & Design
1995-96 Graduate Diploma in Communication, University of Technology, Sydney.Media and the South, film production as double majors.
1993 Certificate Experimental Drawing, Stroom Den Haag, Netherlands (in association with Rijksakademie)

Significant Awards and grants
2018-9 Goethe Institute part scholarship, art practice and art residency
2017 Artist fees, Create NSW (public funding body)
2015 Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art (SFSIA) part Scholarship (USA/Germany)
2012, 14, 15 Artist fees, University of Sydney, Create NSW
2012-15 Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)
2013, 14, 17 National Association of Visual Artists (NAVA), Marketing and Development Grants
2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 USYD Research Support Award (PRSS)
2012 New Work Grant, (major award) Australia Council
Photographic work: part of a collection of Museum of Elysée, Switzerland
1999 Faber Castell Drawing Award (finalist) Sydney.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2017 The Cook: The Substation, Singapore. Performance and installation (upcoming)
2016 Data Retention II, SCA Galleries. Installation with cabling, data devices, in a re-imagined data centre room
2016 1st Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale (WAS), The SLAB, Sydney
2016 Obsession Dada: Gianni Motti: «Paradigm Shifts», performance, virtual with Cabaret Voltaire, Switzerland
2015 Raccard inhabitation, solo performance, Saas-fee, Switzerland
2015 46° 6’ 40” N, 7° 55’ 45” E, Soundpiece, Saas-fee, Switzerland
2015 Data Retention, Levels 2, 3 and 4 Fisher Library, University of Sydney
2014 Discomposed: Propaganda Window, Melbourne. Three-part video projection
Discomposed: Federation Square, Melbourne. Screening.
2013 Spectres of the Spectrum I, Marrickville Garage, Sydney
2009 Roundabout II: Installation with sound
2007 Celluloid: digital print, smaller project room, Raum 5, Ziegrastraße, Berlin
2006 Scenario House: Installation, Chrissie Cottier Gallery, Sydney
2006 Roundabout: Digital photography, LOOSE Projects, Sydney
2006 who’s (looking at) who?: Installation, MOP Gallery, Sydney
2005 Gameplan: Installation, Scott Donovan Gallery, Sydney
2003 Multi ATM: The Unblinking Eye: Seventh, Melbourne
2002 Multi ATM: Posters, BLOCK Gallery, Sydney
2000 Edifice: Photo installation, BlauGrau Gallery, Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions
2018 Imperceptible Resistances, (Sophist Paradise). Theme: Bruno Latour’s Actor Network Theory (ANT) and resistance to the network
2017 EDACC (Energy, Data Abstraction and Cognitive Capitalism). The Kiosk, Blue Mountains, NSW
6-week residency, WeiZen Ho, Ian Milliss, Naomi Oliver, Rebecca Waterstone, Gianni Wise & J Drinkall.
2017 Spectres of Spectrum III, SCA New Contemporaries 2017, SCA Galleries, Sydney
2017 Spectres+of+the+Spectrum+III Video @ KIOSK MAP with Ian Milliss, Fiona Davies, Dan Kojta, Chris Caines, David Haines, Mahalya Middlemist, Amanda Hunt, Sean O’Keeffe, Rachel Peachy and Paul Mosig.
2014-6 Spectres of Spectrum II, HD digital video. MAP project, Eco Spirit (2014); Light & Wire Gallery, Miami, USA (2014), MAP at Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, NSW (2016)
2016 Obsession Dada: Gianni Motti: «Paradigm Shifts», Cabaret Voltaire, Geneva
2015 Loco Live Action collective: Performance, Unattended baggage
2014 Eco Spirit, Morton House Woodford, NSW, as part of Modern Art Projects (MAP)
with: Alex Wisser, Ben Denham, Beata Geyer/James Culkin, Bim Morton, Fiona Davies, Georgie Pollard, Gianni Wise, John Douglas, Locust Jones, Paul Greedy/Tom Ellard, Sarah-Jane Norman, Sarah Keighery and Vicky Browne.
2014 24/7 Window space, Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide
2013 Brainrain, Alaska Projects, Sydney, with Jacqueline Drinkall & Warren Armstrong
Malintent (böswillige Absicht), Galerie Neues Problem Berlin-Mitte, with Eva Bols, Mary Stinger
Potatomation, Sydney Fringe Festival, 2013. Archive, Newtown, Sydney
fivepointnine for One hundred and twenty seconds, Digital video, Federation Square Big Screen, Melbourne,
fivepointnine DongCheng Gallery, Beijing; public viewing Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin.
2012 Entfremdeter Burger (trans: alienated citizen): Galerie Neues Problemes, Berlin-Mitte, Germany; photography and object
Narrative exchange: Paper Plane Gallery, Sydney
2012 Exploratory projects: heaD-Warper at Eyebeam NYC
2011 The Rest is Silence: DEATH BE KIND gallery, Melbourne
2011 Feedback: 55 Sydenham Road Gallery, Sydney
2011 fivepointnine, Cross Art, Sydney: HD video with sound
2009 Action V Action: Gallery 4A, Sydney (action performance painting project)
In the City at Night: Red Gallery
Activate 2750 project: Performance/install: coordination Ash Keating, joint project MCA, Sydney & Breenspace
2008 SafARI 2008: MOP projects, Sydney; Physics Rm, NZ
2006 CONES OF ZONTACT: response to Biennale of Sydney, LOOSE Projects
2005 Situation Collaborations: Collectives & Artist Networks, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Don’t Look Now!, film to DVD, Scott Donovan, Sydney
Regeneration: 50 photographers for tomorrow, Museum of Elysée, Switzerland
2003 wish you were here, First Draft Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2002 Evergreen: Platform 2, Melbourne; Imperial Slacks Gallery, Sydney
2001 Disaster Tourism: (Bronya Ivanzek, Susie Treister, Philipa Veitch) installation
The Secret of Grey Walls: Blaugrau, Sydney mix media
Vanishing Point: BlauGrau. Photography & landscape (Ryszard Dabek, Simone Douglas, Tony Dupe, Alex Gawronski, Anne Kay)
2001 Penthouse and Pavement, Melbourne
2000 der Ausstellenden: 4 artists (Aust., Rep of Germany, Czech Rep., U.K.) – Galerie Kunstverein Friedrichstadt e.V, Berlin-Mitte.
Bookcase, Simon Barney with Simon Dean, Lisa Andrew, Liz Pulie, Jay Bilbi, Gianni Wise, A Gawronski, R Dabek, S Barney
1999 momentos de dolor, Galeria Sur, Santiago de Chile

Publications & interviews
2017 Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy, Annual Conference, Realism and Truth: Victims of a Met-Reality in Cinema and Video-Art, paper and presentation
2016 Performance, interview and artists talk, EGS Saas-fee, Switzerland
2014 Eco Spirit MAP catalogue essay and publication
2014 Brainrain catalogue with essay
2010 Loose publication: Loose projects. Catalogue and essay (Roundabout)
2009 Activate 2750 project: coordinated by Ash Keating, publication MCA July 2009
Art of everyday life. Symposium paper (MCA publication)
2006 LOOSE Projects: CONES OF ZONTACT – artist books – limited publication
SMH Scenario House reviewed in Arts and Entertainment, Sunanda Creagh, August 23rd 2006
2SER Monday Overdrive (arts program) June 5th 2006
2SER Monday Overdrive Thursday, August 3rd 2006, Scenario House
Andrew Frost:
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2000catalogue essay der Ausstellenden, Berlin, German Republic
UNIGLORY #2 digital photographic essay
‘Sunburn’, essay on Briefcase ‘Bookcase’ exhibition, Hamburg, Germany
Gawronski, Alex, The Physics Room Sydney Roundup Issue 8, review
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The Sydney Morning Herald, May 24 Metro review
Wise, Dr Amanda, ‘Unmapping the City’, ‘A State of Fun’, essay, South Gallery, Surry Hills
Confessions of a Sunday Painter: evergreen archive, Platform 2, Melbourne S_Hot, Artspace, Sydney

Art Practice
An ongoing art practice for over 20 years which could be loosely described as 3D, installation-based; large format photography; sound and video; text and found object depending on the need. One of the overriding themes engaged over the last few years has been social paranoia and its representation in the visual domain.

Professional Membership
College Art Association, USA
NAVA, Australia