Lexicon, 2000
14 October 2018

Lexicon, South gallery. Hand painted digital prints, table, objects, 2000. A first move from a background in painting to digitised images with a preoccupation in text/lettering in signs. Language speaks to us through these signs, in doorways, on shopfronts, through the artisan anonymous to all who read them. Handmade messages all speak to the voyeur/tourist/traveller as indicators of a possible other. As a collector of signs, the voyeur transforms them to his own needs… in this case, a sensual recreation to guide him through his own personal ‘medina’. This is a selection of digital photographs derived from photo snaps captured from as close as western Sydney and as far as North Africa. The original snaps have been further manipulated through scanning, painting over, and remediated as digital imagery thus losing their original identities/geographic references.

Gianni Wise, “Lexicon”, 2000 (detail), inkjet print, 90 x 65 cm. Image courtesy of the artist

Gianni Wise, “Lexicon”, 2000 (detail), inkjet print, 90 x 62 cm. Image courtesy of the artist