Roundabout, 2006
5 October 2018

2006 | Roundabout, LOOSE Projects, Sydney
A series of digital inkjet prints on Ilford pearl stock
A roundabout sits at the centre of the suburban landscape. It turns in on itself as it exhibits its prized gyprocked mansions and endless avenues.

The ‘suburban roundabout’ was a point of commencement for a series of images focussing on suburban populations in 3 Australian cities – envisaging them as sites of (utopic) beauty, recalling the romanticism of landscape painting. On closer inspection, however, all is not as idyllic as it seems. Could they have been perceived through slightly mad eyes? Could unease and a certain paranoia be lurking somewhere in the shadows?

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Gianni Wise, “Roundabout”, 2006. Image courtesy Christine Welsh

Gianni Wise, “The Waters”, 2006. Image courtesy Adele Webb