Carrie, 2014
5 October 2018

2014 | Carrie in collaboration with Jacque Drinkall, Eco Spirit,
Morton House Woodford, NSW,
Modern Art Projects

Furthering this visceral corporeality in collaboration between Gianni Wise and Jacque Drinkall. Being an artist, I was also one of the key designers of the cult Carrie movie merchandise distributed by Sony in Australia.

Our collaboration reworks the powers of red blood, fire and telekinesis to reference current controversy regarding the Biennale of Sydney, Transfield and heightened attention to the relationship between art and capital. This movement amongst artists ultimately wishes to act at a distance to bring asylum seekers on Manus Island safely back to a Transfield Welcome Centre integrated within our mainland communities. Philosopher of Science Bruno Latour discusses the geopolitical force of action at a distance in his book Science in Action.[1] Gianni also presents a video depicting the landscape of the Blue Mountains, humming and vibrating to the ambient sound of a large electrical tower, with plastic brains and electrical wire bubbling in the bathtub. Extended cognition is shown to extend from the organic to the inorganic, with landscapes and mindscapes both disrupted by electronic technological intrusions and noospheric pulses. (J. Drinkall, 2014)

[1] Bruno Latour, Science in Action: How to follow scientist and engineers through society, Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press, 1987.

Gianni Wise and Jacque Drinkall, “Carrie” (reworked), from original artwork for Sony Music, inkjet print, 42 x 29 cm, 2014