Scenario House, 2006
7 October 2018

2006 | Scenario House, Chrissie Cottier Gallery, Sydney; video component projected Night Projection Window CCP, Melbourne

Video installation with sound, (timber, MDF, handmade wallpaper, DVD player, 5:1 surround sound system, television,
furniture, gymnastic tape, rope, track lighting). Video loop: HD, 16:9, colour, 5:1 sound, 3:50 min
“Home is usually recognised as a safe place. The installation shows the home in the realm of gun culture to examine the sense of unease and paranoia that society now feels every day,” Wise said. “Society seems caught up with the need to find an enemy, and the gun club simulator, training people against pretend enemies, demonstrates this perfectly. “My aim is to encourage visitors to the exhibition to ‘act out’ fantasy scenarios,” Wise added. (from the press release)
Catalogue essay

From a review by Art and Mayhem: “A potent installation by artist Gianni Wise that places gun culture within the context of everyday living, literally,  Gianni has built the interior of a home in a gallery space. Scenario House ‘s timing is particularly relevant given the events currently unfolding in the Middle East.”

Gianni Wise, “Scenario House”, 2006 (installation views and video stills (bottom left)). Photos by Andrea Meclaff

Gianni Wise, “Scenario House”, 2006 (detail view of the interior of the room with video). Photo courtesy of the artist


Gianni Wise, “Scenario House”, 2006 (Installation detail view. Handmade wallpaper and speaker 5:1 surround sound.). Photo courtesy of the artist 

Gianni Wise, “Scenario House”, 2006 (Installation detail view). Photo courtesy of the artist 

Gianni Wise, “Scenario House”, 2006 (Installation detail views). Photo courtesy of the artist