Supalife Kiosk
6 October 2018
(Supalife) Galerie Kiosk, Berlin
2010: Airtower for the exhibition Ausländer (Outsider).

A co-curated project with a group of 4 artists in conversation on the meaning of Ausländer (translated as ‘outsider’). A geopolitical study. (Australia., Rep of Germany, Czech Rep., U.K.).

2008: Cutters, Galerie Kiosk, Berlin;

Featuring works by thirteen artists all of whom work in the medium of colláge/montage.

Gianni Wise, “Airtower”, digitised print from series of 35mm series, 2008. Image: Ryszard Dabek

Gianni Wise, “Cutters”, 2007, montage on board 22 x 30 cm. Image courtesy of Cecilia Heffer