Amelia’s transference, 2016
5 October 2018

Manifestation of Amelia’s transference, 1st Worldwide Apartment + Studio Biennale, 2016. Ink, gauche, plant colouring, pencil on cold pressed rag paper; 51.5 x 65.5 cm (on loan from Chandramalin Brockman)

The SLAB-Blue Mountains, NSW
WAS Biennale MAP The Club Edition

Gianni Wise, “Amelia’s Transference”, 2016 gouache and dry media on paper: 97 x 115,5 cm. Courtesy of Verina Gefatti. Photo: MAP

Karen Barad is this excellent physicist, a scholar of the philosophy of science and feminism who thought the world was not really up of discrete objects, but that we and the mind exist only because of our interactions even on a molecular level. So all those old assumptions are blown away – like assumptions about human animal, human nature. Nice hey? So “manifestation of Amelia’s transference” is an unconscious play on this. A meditation on it. I liked her view that it was based on ‘agential realism’. In other words, for Barad, phenomena or objects do not precede their interaction, rather, ‘objects’ emerge through particular intra-actions.