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LAST MAN CLUB is a group portrait of the directors of First Draft Gallery, Sydney in 1996-97 one of the oldest artist run galleries in Australia. I was one of those directors along with Jacqueline Millner, Gianni Wise, Sarah Goffman, Philipa Veitch and Alex Gawronski. Both Anne Fraser and Caitlin Newtown-Broad were also directors for a brief period.

In an episode of the Simpsons Grandpa Simpson is one of two surviving members of the Hellfish Club formed during 'the war' with a booty of stolen paintings for the surviving member, the episode dives into secrecy and conspiracy between members as well as war crimes. The Hellfish Club is based on a popular war time activity where soldiers would form groups called Last Man Clubs where the last member alive would claim a prize. Also known as tontine, The Last Man Club is an organisation based on exclusivity and longevity and for Grandpa Simpson the prize is art perhaps also for this group of First Draft Directors.

Having a more than passing interest in customs surrounding death, the idea of a Last Man Club really appealed to me and I wondered how it would translate to the art world to question how ideas of war, strategy, exclusivity and longevity might operate.

LAST MAN CLUB First Draft 1996-97 black and white photograph and bottle of Chival Regal 2009
Jacqueline Millner, Gianni Wise, Sarah Goffman, Elvis Richardson, Philipa Veitch
see Last Man Club, Elvis Richardson

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