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Galerie Neuen Problems / Berlin-Mitte, Germany
+61 419 228 464
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2017 New Contemporaries, SCA Galleries, May 2017 Details
2017 Video work @ KIOSK MAP with Ian Milliss, Fiona Davies, Dan Kojta, Chris Caines, David Haines, Mahalya Middlemist, Amanda Hunt, Sean O'Keeffe, Rachel Peachy and Paul Mosig.
2017 UNESCO Women in Science Awards. Development of Projection of 3D imaging and design. UNESCO site
2016 Graduate Show SCA, USYD
2015-6: Performance with LOCO Live Action with Sydney-based and international artists.
Titled Unattained baggage - interested in responding to public reactions to unattended items of baggage
in the public domain.
June 4-23 Saas-Fee, Switzerland <<site>>
2015-6: Neues Problem Gallery, Berlin (Kreuzberg North). Two group exhibitions.
Quantum Aesthetics assisting Jacque Drinkall – HARLEQuin UFO Casula Powerhouse Paramor Prize
Anyspace 59 RUE VAN EYCK, 1050 BRUSSELS BELGIUM March, 2016
Fisher Library, USYD, Levels 2, 3 and 4</a> Data Retention, MAR-APR, 2015
MAP projects at Mortonhouse
Eco Spirit Review six-to-eight

UNESCO 2017 Women in Science Awards: UNESCO