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abandoned object, Alienated citizen, 2012
Entfremdeter bürger, Galerie Neues Problem, Berlin (closed early 2014 due to gentrification of Mitte district)

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Entfremdeter bürger (translated as alienated citizen) could be interpreted as the condition of a state that has abandoned
its past for an alienated present. It reflects the recent financial crisis and its resultant exposure of the
dysfunctional power structures undermining our modern society.
Entfremdeter actually refers to several different forms of perception of the other, the unknown, beyond the familiar.
This brings to mind a number of contemporary discourses of alienation, disassociation, and estrangement – as well as the cultural
other-ing which often shapes views of what is often refer to as home(land).

Gianni Wise's combination of photographic documentation and 'found box' and was a response to alienation of the citizen under
a regime of surveillance through technologies. The box is the abandoned object representing something post-human.

The old Galerie Neues Problem site.