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2009 | Activate 2750 project, C3WEST project, for the MCA, Sydney
Ash Keating

Gianni Wise (performance and installation contribution)
Activate 2750 was a public art project by Melbourne artist Ash Keating which took place over four weeks between
10 February and 7 March 2009 in Penrith. The project set out to raise awareness about our relationship to the
production and consumption of waste by creating an artwork that reused material collected by the artist from the acres
of dumped waste at SITA’s Davis Road Transfer Station, a facility in Wetherill Park that disposes waste to landfill.

video @ ACTIVATE2750 of part of performance at Penrith mall. (documentation, MCA, Sydney)

Documentation found at: Curating Cities Eco Art, at The The MCA, on the Australian National Library Collection, Activate2750 blog, the now defunct BREENSPACE