© Gianni Wise, 2012-18

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2000 | Ediface, BlauGrau Gallery, Sydney
Solo. Large format ink jet photography, plaster, 5 ply, tubular steel.
Most of us associate images of severe concrete housing with the eastern block and remnants of Stalinist-era totalitarianism. Nevertheless Wise reminds us that these uninviting structures exist in our own backyard and securily within our own culture. Here they represent the flip side of Sydney Olympic gentrification. Through photographs and sculpture (sic) the artist depicts images of life at the economic, social and spatial
periphery of urban existence. At the same time this housing indicates Modernism's compartmentalised dream; a place for everyone and everyone in their place. Today these environments stand as monumental edifaces, representatives of a brave new world long lost yet inerasable.