© Gianni Wise, 2012-17

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Spectres of Spectrum III, 2017
New Contemporaries, SCA Galleries, Sydney
Medium: adapted moulded medical models, telecommunications and ethernet wiring, mixed media on archival paper.
This installation intentionally draws on a recent wired and brained work I have been engaged with for the last few years. The interweaving of wiring into the drawings for me implies for me an anxious world stemming from an unknowing sense-diffused fear enmeshed in globalised networks of data. The low lighting of the enclosed gallery space contributes further to this ambience of anxiety stemming from an unknowing sense-diffused fear. The wires emerge from the base of wall mounted medical brains. The wires break free from the restrictive, formal arrangement of the brains–drooping and stretching–intertwining neuroweb-like, throughout the room.
The drawings are rendered out of self-induced dream-wake states induced by political commentary and social media. As almost involuntary visualisations of global conspiracies, they allow neurosis to be liberated.

Chris Bonnily, Ciaran Begley, Kate Brown, Barbara Campbell, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Sylvia Griffin, Dan Hollier, Yeliz Kocaballi, Paul Mumme, Sean O'Connell, Catherine Payne, Niall Robb, Emma Varker and Gianni Wise.

A survey exhibition of recent graduates and artists engaged with the political and personal implications of making, viewing and experiencing art. Interpretations were made through painting, photography, 3D forms, installation and video.

Installation view. Photo Ian Hobbs
kraft und geiche (2013)
Gianni Wise. Installation view. Photo SCA Galleries
Installation view. Photo Glenn Locklee